CLOUD is a project created for LOCAL ENERGY AND NEW LANDSCAPES, a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Spring 2016 design workshop taught by David Hays.

Central Illinois rainwater was collected and frozen into ice cubes during the construction of CLOUD. At the project’s unveiling in an inside environment, these ice cubes were placed inside CLOUD, with holes punctuated to allow for the precipitation to be released as they melted. During a rainstorm, meteorologists have predictions on the duration, time and force of the water coming down, yet it is still a force of nature without 100% guarantee on any of these conditions. This project engaged the audience in a shared experience of exploring the natural phenomena of precipitation.  

CLOUD related the “discrete” energy source of precipitation to the scale of the everyday experience. The group’s approach to this project prioritized both experience-based understanding of materials and conditions, as well as intuition as a path to innovation. Through humans’ manipulation of precipitation, our group engaged local energy flows in the production of a new landscape.